Tools for policy analysis


Impact analysis and monitoring

Macroeconometric models

Research fellowship

Euro area business cycle network

European forecasting network

Some references

Study on the feasibility of a tool to measure the macroeconomic impact of structural reforms
EU Commission European Economy 272, 2007 (with Ramos, Surinach)

A macroeconometric model for the euro area
Journal of Policy Modelling 29, 2007, 1-13 (with Marcellino)

Development of multicountry macroeconometric model for the euro area
German Ministry of Finance, 2009 (with Kholodilin)

Early warning system to detect speculative bubbles in asset markets
German Ministry of Finance, 2011 (with Kholodilin)

Development of financial programming and planning tool
Ministry of Finance, Brunei-Darussalam, 2013 (with Kholodilin)

Local and spatial cointegration in the wage curve
DIW Discussion Paper 1538 (with Kosfeld)

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