Chinese economy

The Chinese economic transformation stands at crossroads. To manage the next steps of the transformation process China needs to define a new strategy towards innovation driven growth. In contrast to the export- and investment driven growth in the past, private consumption will play a more dominant role. Faster urbanization can promote the transformation, as cities provide a more favourable climate to consume. In addition, it improves the conditions for expansion of the services sector.

Institutional conditions for the transformation are not optimal. Impediments such as the still low level of social security put a downward pressure on private consumption. Innovation activities of private firms are restricted due to limited access to bank credit. Entrepreneurs have to lend at the shadow banking system at high interest rates. The need for reforms is striking in different areas. Otherwise, China could run an increasing risk to get stuck in a middle income trap.


Consumer markets

Financial market reform

Financing conditions for SMEs

Chinese FDI in Europe

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Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing

Renmin University of China, Beijing

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Sessions at AEA conferences

The integration of China into the world economy, Chicago 2012

The sustainability of the Chinese growth model, Philadelphia 2014

Institutional conditions for sustainable growth, Boston 2015

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